By just looking at these pictures, you can tell that Emma is settling into her new home very well and is loving every minute of life with her mom and dad. Just check out her little smirk in the 2nd to last photo! Too. Cute.

Jessica and Brett welcomed Emma Reese to the world on June 20, 2018. I had the honor of photographing Emma in the hospital just a day after being born. It was beautiful to see Jessica and Brett  with their new little girl, so I was so excited to visit them in the South End to take photos of Emma in her new home.

Lots of love to Jessica and Brett for letting me join in on these special moments. It's been so fun to watch Emma grow and begin her life!




... and what a day it was!

Ever since she photographed my own wedding in 2016, I have been obsessed with Emilie of Emilie Inc. Not only is she an incredibly accomplished and talented photographer; she's a kind, inspiring, and all around cool person to get to be around. (You heard me, Emilie... you're the coolest!!). Needless to say, I was THRILLED when I got to spend a full day with her as my mentor this past summer. 

I drove up to her charming, seaside town that sits outside of Portland, ME and we set off on our adventure of a day. 

The best part was meeting the Poulin family and spending time with little Baxter and Atticus. The Poulin family just welcomed their sweet little baby Atticus. Emilie and I visited their beautiful and classic New England home to document family life with these two new brothers. Atticus is the most laid-back baby and his big brother, Baxter, loves him so much!

Here are some shots from our time with Baxter and Atticus... 


You only see the first photo in this gallery and you already know that Charlotte came into this world knowing how to strike a pose. For those that know her mom, Ariel... that isn't a surprise!

Charlotte surprised us all by arriving early and has had everyone wrapped around her fingers ever since. It's been so fun to watch her grow since that 2nd day of life. With this new family of three, their two pups, and Charlotte's many expressions... there's so much to love in these photos. 

Lots of love to you, Matronis!!


Brandy and Joe have two adorable boys, Paul and JB. They are such a FUN and sweet family! We spent our time together at Roger Williams Park, a place where they love to spend time together as family.

Paul and JB are so adorable and they kept all of us laughing the whole way through with songs and silly words. The boys' favorite stuffed animals, Luck and Ducky, even came along for the ride. You can really feel the love, realness, and positivity between this family! 

I didn't think the morning could get any better until they stepped out in their superhero t-shirts! I don't know who wore the batman mask better...


The first thing you realize when you spend time with Diti and Jake is that they are truly best friends. They were laughing the entire time we were together. It was amazing! 

I was so excited when Diti reached out to me about doing an engagement session with her and her fiancé, Jake. Diti and I grew up going to school together and it was SO much fun to reconnect and make these pictures.

We went back to our hometown to take these pictures at the Governor Oliver Ames Estate. WOW! Between the dynamic landscape, their perfect outfits, and their playful relationship... this session was a dream!

Thank you, Diti and Jake, for trusting me with documenting this exciting time in your life. You made it so much fun. I wish you all the best as your plan your wedding over the next year! 


Candace is one of those people who cannot help but be herself. I met her when we were just little kids and even back then she was who she is today:  a kind and fiercely strong friend that dedicates her life to helping others.

Today, she works with people to help them find health and peace with their mind, body and soul connection. She is a spirit medium, fitness instructor, reiki student, and an all around incredible spirit to be with. I highly recommend checking out the first installment of her most recent (must see!!) project: a video series on grief. 

As Candace launches this new video project and looks to find new ways to accomplish her life's mission, we worked together on some updated lifestyle headshots that she can use for her work. We had so much fun blasting music and dancing around her living room while making some pictures that represent her personality. I may be bias but I just LOVE them! 


It has been a beautiful experience watching my longtime friend, Meghan, become a mother (an amazing one, at that!). I was so excited when she invited me over to her house with her husband, Andrew, to spend time with their new sweet little girl, Emilia. How can you not smile when you see Emmie's face light up?




I treasure this day that I got to spend with my best friend, Ariel, and her husband, Dan, as they wait for their baby girl, Charlotte, to arrive. Ariel (Rel) and I met when we were 13 and we have stuck together since. We have always had a knack for copying each other. Same home town, same college, and (patient!) husbands with the same name ("our Dans"). To say I am excited about their first baby is an understatement. I cannot wait to meet Charlotte and watch these two become amazing parents!

For this session, Rel and Dan invited me to home in Ayer, MA to spend the morning with them and their two pups, Rodgers and Stella. Rel has always been an impeccable interior decorator and her nursery does not disappoint. That. Wallpaper.