Candace is one of those people who cannot help but be herself. I met her when we were just little kids and even back then she was who she is today:  a kind and fiercely strong friend that dedicates her life to helping others.

Today, she works with people to help them find health and peace with their mind, body and soul connection. She is a spirit medium, fitness instructor, reiki student, and an all around incredible spirit to be with. I highly recommend checking out the first installment of her most recent (must see!!) project: a video series on grief. 

As Candace launches this new video project and looks to find new ways to accomplish her life's mission, we worked together on some updated lifestyle headshots that she can use for her work. We had so much fun blasting music and dancing around her living room while making some pictures that represent her personality. I may be bias but I just LOVE them!