After making this cozy little bungalow in Richmond their second home, the Parrishs are moving back to their first home - Georgia (Savannah, to be exact!) You may remember Claire because her amazing pottery business has graced my website before! We have walked similar paths in life, as it was Drew and his job that brought them to Richmond (Drew and my husband, Dan, worked together!) The four of us became fast friends made so many memories as we built our new lives together in our new city. 

If you have ever moved away from a place you loved to call home, you know how bittersweet it can be! Claire asked me to document them and their last days in their Richmond home. I think it's the perfect way to try to bottle up this moment and not forget all the things that made them so happy there. I hope these photos will be special momentos from the place where they enjoyed their newlywed days!

Countless festivals, river days, vineyards, shrimp boils, and bachelor watch parties later... off to Savannah they go! We can't wait to visit!

Love you both! Xo