Congratulations to my two of my favorite people on their engagement! Dana and PJ met back when Dana and I were in high school together and the rest is history. We took these pictures at the Moose Hill Sanctuary in Sharon, which perfectly fits these two and the vibe of their Fall 2019 wedding at the gorgeous Barn at Gibbet Hill <3

Dana and PJ… thank you for having me take these photos for you! I cannot wait to witness your many many happy years together (with Nyla, too, of course). Lots and lots of love to you guys!!


After making this cozy little bungalow in Richmond their second home, the Parrishs are moving back to their first home - Georgia (Savannah, to be exact!) You may remember Claire because her amazing pottery business has graced my website before! We have walked similar paths in life, as it was Drew and his job that brought them to Richmond (Drew and my husband, Dan, worked together!) The four of us became fast friends made so many memories as we built our new lives together in our new city. 

If you have ever moved away from a place you loved to call home, you know how bittersweet it can be! Claire asked me to document them and their last days in their Richmond home. I think it's the perfect way to try to bottle up this moment and not forget all the things that made them so happy there. I hope these photos will be special momentos from the place where they enjoyed their newlywed days!

Countless festivals, river days, vineyards, shrimp boils, and bachelor watch parties later... off to Savannah they go! We can't wait to visit!

Love you both! Xo



Welcome to the world, Russell Burrows III !

Congrats to Kayla and Russ (dad) on your perfect little baby boy! Baby Russ came into the world at the beginning of July and is loving life with mom, dad, and his fur siblings. He already has some super cool outfits that he shows off in this photoshoot. It's hard to pick a favorite... but I can't resist the bowtie! And those cheeks!

Russ is cousin's with Evie, who I photographed in the Spring... so this whole family now has double the love! Thank you to their Auntie Colleen for setting this up!  




By just looking at these pictures, you can tell that Emma is settling into her new home very well and is loving every minute of life with her mom and dad. Just check out her little smirk in the 2nd to last photo! Too. Cute.

Jessica and Brett welcomed Emma Reese to the world on June 20, 2018. I had the honor of photographing Emma in the hospital just a day after being born. It was beautiful to see Jessica and Brett  with their new little girl, so I was so excited to visit them in the South End to take photos of Emma in her new home.

Lots of love to Jessica and Brett for letting me join in on these special moments. It's been so fun to watch Emma grow and begin her life!




Welcome to the world, Emma Reese!

Emma was born on June 20, 2018 and is just as sweet as can be! In these photos, Emma was only 2 days old but wide awake - I think she didn't want to miss a moment of looking at her mom or cuddling with her dad! I love how Jessica and Brett decided not to find out the gender of their baby. It made it all that more exciting to learn that a beautiful baby GIRL was born.

We will be doing a newborn session at their home to take more pictures, but enjoy these first glimpses into Emma's life. Congratulations to Jessica and Brett on your beautiful and healthy little girl!



I cannot believe that Emilia is already having her first birthday! It seems like it was just yesterday that I went over to Meghan and Andrew's home to take these pictures of them and their new baby girl. Emmie has grown into such a kind, curious, and adventurous little girl. 

For this session, we visited Sheep Pasture in Easton. We had a few spots in mind, but as you can see, Emmie ended up being our tour guide. I love her spirit!

Thank you to Meghan and Andrew for letting me be there to document Emilia growing up! It's been such a joy!!! Xoxo!


Little Evie made her introduction to the world in March and she is already stealing hearts everywhere she goes, including mine! She loves nothing more than to smile at her mom, Regan and her dad, Chris. Evie is loved by so many. Her outfits for this session and nursery decor were sweet gifts from family and friends! Even this session was a gift from her Auntie Colleen!

It was such a fun morning. So much fun, that Evie fell asleep on the floor at the end of the session mid-outfit change (see the last photo). Too. Cute.

Much love to you all!


Jordan Strobeck lives in Charlestown with her husband, Geoff, and their handsome baby boy, Ford. When she isn't busy being an amazing wife and mother, she's using her infectious positivity to lead a team of 100 women with Beautycounter.  Beautycounter is a safe and high performing skincare and cosmetics line. I love Beautycounter's motto of "Safer Skincare - Clean Beauty" and its products. (Check out my favorite product here: The Vitamin C Brightening Face Oil)

I have known Jordan for over 10 years through our mothers who are dear friends (Hi Mom and Lynne!). I was so excited to take Jordan's lifestyle pictures for her online business. I had such a fun morning with her and baby Ford! 

I love working with other inspiring women, especially entrepreneurs! I hope you enjoy these photos (and the people in them) as much as I do! 

If you're interested in connecting with Jordan, she'd love to hear from you! You can reach her at jordan.strobeck@gmail.com. 


Liz and Jeff just welcomed their beautiful baby boy to the world, little Jeffrey Dennis Fragala Jr. He is named after his daddy and he will be called JJ. Isn't that such a cute baby name??

I grew up with Liz in my hometown and it was so much fun to have an excuse to reunite for a day with her, her sister Kelly, and the whole Brabants family! It is already hard to remember Liz before motherhood because she, Jeff, and JJ seem like they were always meant to be. Take one look at their family pictures and you will know what I mean.

On the day of the session, Liz's parents, Donnie and Neiva, hosted many loving friends and family at their home to see JJ. JJ had us all laughing because, as you can see in the photos, it almost seemed like he started to model for us! He is such a sweet baby and did nothing but smile at all of his favorite people.

JJ... you are one LOVED little boy!